Big South Switches Tournament Times

BSCTNeedless to say, I was excited about Longwood joining a conference. Even more needless to say, I was even more excited to see Longwood play in their first ever Division I conference tournament. Simply put, this tournament has been one debacle after the next.

First, when booking a hotel I was told that the Longwood rooms were all booked. ALL 325 OF THEM! What? Really… Second, the Big South said ticket books would be mailed out in mid-February. Ticket books were not mailed out and an email was sent out two days before March basically saying…tough luck. Now this…

The bracket for the championship this year has been posted for months, along with game times. The #6 seed from the North was set to play the #3 seed from the South at 8PM Tuesday night in Myrtle Beach (as the picture to the right shows). That would mean Longwood vs UNC Asheville at 8PM Tuesday, perfect for those travelling or watching from home. Well all I have to say to those people….TOO BAD.

In one of the most unethical moves that I’ve ever seen a conference or a professional organizations make, the Big South has shifted the game times on the last day of the season so Coastal Carolina takes on Liberty at 8PM on Tuesday, thus bumping Longwood to 2PM.

It’s bad enough that the tournament is being played at Coastal, a move that many viewed as an act of appeasement to keep the Chanticleers in the conference, but now Kyle Kallander and the Big South has decided to basically pee on the notion of neutrality by switching the bracket so Coastal could play at a time where more local fans could see the Chants. It’s obviously a money grab and a move that shouldn’t be looked at as anything more than unethical.


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