3 Tips On Ideal Food for hiking in forest

If you have plans of hiking this winter, you should better start off with the planning early. Mapping out the nutritional resources during camping and hiking is one of the most serious issues that you need to sort out. There will be plenty to consider before simply packing some energy bars or bottles of energy drinks in the bag pack. The following tips will be helpful in sorting out the right Food for hiking in forest [อาหาร เข้า ป่า, which is the term in Thai].

1. Follow a plan

The need for food and water will be more when you are active throughout the day while hiking. S you need to pay extra attention to the packing of plenty of fluids, especially when you are hiking in hot weather. Some key considerations include

  • Duration of the trip
  • How much beverages and food you can carry
  • How do you plan to eat and drink
  • What tools related to food do you need

Once you have got the answers to the above question, you are on the right track.

2. Hydration is mandatory


Prehydrate yourself by drinking at least four cups of water before starting the hike. It will help in reducing the quantity that you need to carry. A good rule of thumb to follow is to have two cups of fluids every hour of the hiking. Access to clean drinking water is essential.

3. Food

Perishable foods like sandwiches are ideal for one-day hiking plans. But you need to keep a cold source like an ice pack to keep the food in the chilled condition below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you stash more food in the backpack, t will be difficult to hike. So the right food for hiking should be light but wholesome to provide the necessary energy.

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