A Guide To Ruger Vaquero Holster

It’s important to know about Ruger Vaquero guns before we deep dive into Ruger Vaquero Holster topic. The Ruger vaquero is a single action revolver that has six shots. It arose with the admiration of Cowboy action shooting. After this the demand of single action revolvers got increased and one more thing that impressed everyone was its traditional appearance.

History of Ruger firearms

In 1949, Ruger was endowed by Alexander McCormick Sturm and William B.Ruger. William Ruger got stimulated from the German Luger. Hence, succeeded in developing their first 22calibre pistol. Ultimately, after victorious achievement. Their pistol was known as ‘The Ruger Standard’. This pistol was their first big shot. Unfortunately, Sturm died in 1951. In the period of 1949-2004, 20million firearms were manufactured by Ruger. Quality was always kept in mind and they continued to provide exclusively manufactured American firearms for target shooting, hunting and self-defense carry.

Concretely designed Ruger Vaquero holster

Mostly our belt gun holsters for Ruger vaquero models includes a slight FBI cant that helps in narrowing the profile of the firearm which makes it more secrete for those individuals who seek fine retention in their holster. In Ruger Vaquero Holster thumb-break design is also offered which makes it look more appealing. A variety of styles have been provided for modification.

These holsters are specially made in great state of Texas, since 1950. All are made from high-end quality of American Leather.

Action Time

We start by cutting from the stylish part of the hide. We also hand dye the holster to ensure a dark pigmented color that will illuminate your firearm. All our holster are darned using seven cord clicked nylon thread and double  in all critical areas. Each holster is also hand moulded for perfect fit and contoured to the hip for comfort. The edges are also filed and then it is hand smoothed which gives a smooth shiny finish. After getting filed it look aesthetic. This helps to prevent humidity from entering the edges of the leather. They’re also polished and finished with a clear coating to cover the finish. Our holsters are erected to last a continuance.

Importance of Ruger Holster

The holster is the second most important thing after firearms. It helps you to keep your firearm secure in many ways. The need for the right holster becomes clear when you are aware of its benefits. The most important attribute is concealment when you live in concealed carry state you often have to keep your firearm safe then a holster is a right and best choice.

It has reduced loading needs because in a holster one can keep their firearm loaded securely. Hence, it also saves time.

Comfort is very important that’s why a holster has become a necessity it helps you to carry your firearm customized holsters and it becomes accessible too.


At last, we conclude that the Ruger Vaquero holster has been designed very deeply with comfort and style which has made it very suitable for safely carrying holsters.



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