A high-quality wedding towel is a must for your wedding now

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Every wedding is unique. It is one of the most critical days in the lives of a bride and a groom. Therefore, they want everything in their wedding to be perfect. Or, at least they try to make everything as perfect as possible.

Effect of Covid-19 on weddings

The pandemic has caused huge damage to everything, even to weddings. Social gatherings like weddings were banned by the government to avoid the spread of disease.

However, the situation is changing now. People are getting married following certain protocols announced by the government. However, it is not just about the law. It is also about the safety of you.

When you know that you can catch a certain disease from the air, you should try to stay away from the infected area. In this case, people are spreading the disease. 

There are certain manners in which you can celebrate the grand day without interrupting the fun.

What to do

As soon as a guest walks in, provide them a present [ของรับไหว้, which is the term in Thai]. This present will be a wedding towel. Ask them to sanitize themselves. Ask them to use the towel to clean their bodies.

Buy good towels, and do not try to find cheaper alternatives. Do not compromise health for a little money.

Let the guests keep one individual towel for themselves. Next, present them with some towel handkerchiefs. They can be used after supper.

Most important thing

It is a fact that this disease is highly contagious. It spreads through people. Hence, keep your guest list as small as possible.

Only invite the most important people. Remember that other people can wait for the party and a treat. You do not want to fall ill on the first night of your wedding.

Stay safe and make sure that everyone else is safe at your wedding as well.

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