An Insight Into The Effectivity of Skin Brightening Laser

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Skin concerns are common in people of all ages and sex. Sun exposure, aging, and the rising pollutants in the air give rise to acne, pimples, and signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. Skin sagging starts as your age crosses the threshold of 30. The reason for the different skin problems varies from one individual to another. If you try to ignore the problems, it may take a serious form. Laser therapies have been an effective treatment procedure for a long time. But the latest dual Yellow laser is the best possible treatment available.

A perfect scientific procedure

The Brightening Laser [เลเซอร์ หน้า ใส, which is the term in Thai] uses dual Yellow Laser, a combination of yellow and green lights for copper bromide non-invasive treatment process. It can target a wide range of skin surfaces. It works on every skin type. You will get an even face tone and a flawless skin texture if you undergo this treatment. It won’t leave any micro-wound on the surface. As it reaches the deepest dermal layers, the specificity of the treatment is more than every other form of treatment. And you won’t feel any discomfort too. 

The dual effect

During this therapy, two types of laser energy work. The first type is the yellow beam of laser in the wavelength of 578nm. It will target the capillaries and cause a notable reduction in the appearance of the red marks without harming the epidermis. It is different from traditional laser therapy as there is no need for ecchymosis after the treatment. The second type is the green beam of wavelength 511 nm. It will target the melanin in the epidermis and brighten the skin, and it will also effectively reduce the appearance of any red mark without damaging the sensitive dermal layer. The procedures alleviate inflammatory acne formation. 

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