Cybersecurity 101: Here’s how businesses can prevent phishing attacks!

Cybersecurity has been the top priority of businesses in the last five years, primarily because of the numerous hacking activities and increasing cybercrimes. No company, regardless of its size, niche, and other factors, is immune to hackers, and it is absolutely critical to have a proactive stance towards various threats. One of the common cyber security concerns is phishing. Phishing attacks are designed to trick people into divulging valuable information. Sometimes, it could be related to infecting systems and networks with malware. What can your business possibly do to prevent such phishing scams? We have a few tips for help!

  1. Consider using email filters. While there is no assurance that email filters will completely do away with phishing emails, you can actually protect office emails to a good extent. There are varied kinds of email filters out there, so talk to a cybersecurity expert to know more.
  2. Install antivirus and antimalware software. Online threats can be minimized considerably with antimalware & antivirus software. Some are designed specifically to identify phishing activities, while others are capable of scanning emails and attachments to filter the dangerous ones. Ensure that your antivirus software is updated to the latest version.
  3. Consider using Virtual Private Network (VPN). Using VPNs is the best way to protect identity and enhance security while using Wi-Fi connections. Make sure that office users are encouraged to use VPNs at all times, and discourage people from using public networks for using office resources.
  4. Train your people. Employees are often the weakest link in ensuring cybersecurity, more so because they are often unaware of the consequences of phishing. Educating your employees is the first step in the process of identifying and preventing phishing scams. A phishing email usually has a sense of urgency and often has spelling mistakes in links. Teach the employees as how they can identify the signs.
  5. Watch the trends. Maintaining a proactive stance towards cybersecurity is not just about taking preventive steps, but it is also about learning from the market. Keep a watch on security news and information, to know the various new means and tactics that hackers are using to get valuable information.

Phishing is preventable and can be identified, and as a business owner or manager, your core job is to ensure that your executives and employees are aware of the threats. Also, ensure that there is a comprehensive incident reporting system, so that corrective action, if needed, can be taken in time.

Derrick James
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