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Decorating With The Wooden Floor

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The wood used in the decoration of companies and offices improves the quality of the environment in several aspects. It can better express the identity of the place if combined with creative and well-studied alternatives so that the organization’s objectives are well exposed in the room.

In this case, all the decoration must be combined with good lighting, a clean place that transmits comfort and safety to those who work there.

The kitchen is a busy and high-impact environment on its surfaces. The occasional fall of a sharp knife or fork can damage your wooden floor. There are several different challenges that your floor will have to face. Although wood is an acceptable material for this space, some constant maintenance will be necessary. Besides wood, you can consider other flooring materials for your kitchen such as tiles and marble, and you can view more types of wooden floors that can go well with kitchen renovation in this article.

So, see everything you need to know about wooden floors in the kitchen:

Durability Of Wooden Floors

Although wooden floors and shuttering (ไม้ แบบ ,which is the term in Thai) cost more than most alternatives, they also tend to last much longer. Because these materials can get a complete renovation every few years, which allows the floor to last for a long time. Before starting the installation process, you need to check if there is a guarantee for these wooden materials. Read carefully to see if anything in the contract mentions that the protection offered will be canceled if installed in a kitchen or in any space where water could be a hazard.

After a wooden floor is installed in a kitchen, its surface needs to be protected with a sealing agent that prevents the penetration of moisture and other substances. The most important thing you can do to take care of your Solid Hardwood Flooring (ไม้ จริง ,which is the term in Thai)  is keeping a constant watch on them. If you spill anything, clean it up immediately and never let the water stay on the surface for a long time.

The kitchen is a very volatile area, so you will need to reapply the finishing agent every few months once it starts to wear out.

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