Everything You Need To Know About Eye Bag Surgery

Lower Blepharoplasty is a kind of surgery of the eyes specifically the upper or lower eyelids which have been drooping or have bulged excessive fat or muscle that makes the eyes look dull and tired. 

It is a surgery that aids in repairing the flaws in the eyes such as wrinkles, baggy, and sagging of muscles and fat near the eyes and helps in recovering back the beauty. With the growing age, the eyes of a person start looking tired and baggy with the stretching of eyelids and weakening muscles as naturally, the skin loses elasticity.

In a world of beauty and appearance, no one wants to look old beyond their age. It has become an ultimate priority of people all across the world to make their outer appearance look beautiful and young always. Therefore, the increasing popularity of surgeries on the eyes, face, and others comes as no surprise in today’s time.

Sagging of eyes or having eye bags not only makes a person look old but also deteriorates their vision. With the help of Lower Blepharoplasty, one can reduce the chances of peripheral vision and restore clear vision along with the beautiful young eyes.  

The Working Of Lower Blepharoplasty

Lower eyelid or eye bag surgery [ผ่าตัดถุงใต้ตา, which is the term in Thai] takes approximately around 2-3 hours to finish that includes the method of removing the excessive amount of sagging muscle around the eyes and stitching the skin of the under eyes to hold it tight for a young look. It is one of the critical surgeries that require an expert and delicate approach to the removal of puffy or baggy eyes of a person.  

The doctor or surgeon asks the patient to take certain measures after the eye bag surgery for it to last long such as, not rubbing eyes, no swimming, avoid using contact lenses, protecting from sunlight, usage of eye drops, ice packs for the eyes, and no medications unless prescribed. 

Advantages of eye bag surgery

Here is the list of benefits why doing lower blepharoplasty is good in the removal of eye bags of a person:

  • One of the common reasons and reasons for this surgery is to look younger and beautiful.
  • Baggy eyes tend to cause a problem in the vision of a person but blepharoplasty helps in improving it.
  • Allowing more light to the eyes and makes it look bright. Due to saggy and heavy lower eyelids, it gets difficult to open the eyes.
  • Diminishing the problem of migraine.   
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