Factors To Consider while buying the Dress for nature tour

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Nature tours are highly exciting. But you can enjoy the hike only when you are physically comfortable and wearing the right Dress for nature tour [แต่งตัว เที่ยว ธรรมชาติ, which is the term in Thai]. You must be wondering why the Dress will matter for the tour. Of course, it will, for you should be comfortable for the hike and not wear anything that will add to your discomfort. 


Factors to check


Before you start shopping for garments for the upcoming hike plan, you need to know what are the essential factors to consider while buying the Dress. 

  • Safety concerns


Clothing safety always depends on the area where you have planned the nature tour. The weather conditions also contribute to the decisions. For instance, ticks are common in damp and moist soils. So you should be cautious about wearing long pants and long sleeves to avoid exposure to bare skin. Also, applying some insect repellants can be a good idea if there is an outbreak of Lyme disease in the area. A windproof jacket is mandatory if there is the possibility of rain or windy situation.

  • Comfort level


There is a reason why people who regularly go on hiking believe in the term “cotton is rotten.” During exercise, your body temperature regulates through sweating. Cotton retains the sweat and keeps the water in towards the body. As a result, you remain hot during warm temperatures and cold when the mercury dips. So, replace the cotton with comfortable materials like merino wool or nylon and polyester that will move the sweat away from your body. 


In addition to the material, fit of the garment is also vital. Trying to look good on a nature tour is not a good idea as it can limit your movements. 


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