Great For Hosting Parties

I host a lot of parties throughout the year and make the bulk of the food. It’s mainly appetizers and desserts, so the difficulty levels range from easy to advanced. Of course my guests bring things as well, but the main load of it falls on me. I’m not complaining, I really do enjoy it, but it is definitely a lot of work. My husband told me that one of his coworkers hosts a lot of parties too, and he recommended doing what he does, and using a Cuisinart food processor. He claimed it was a real game changer. I was determined to find out for myself.

I started researching what I could do with this kitchen appliance, as I had never used one before and had never had a conversation with someone about them. I was pretty surprised at all of the possibilities it held and even more shocked that I had no idea about it. I went ahead and ordered one knowing that our next party was coming up in the not so distant future. I figured I’d better get acquainted with the gadget if I was going to make good food with it.

The Sunday after my Cuisinart food processor arrived, I spent the day trying out different recipes. It was actually really fun. I was definitely hooked. I could not believe how easy it made the process! I told my husband to let his coworker know that he is an absolute lifesaver. 

I went on to the KitchenWorksInc. website to see what other parts I could order for my new favorite appliance. They sell real Cuisinart dfp-14 parts, which is really useful. I ordered a shredding blade, a grater, and a dough blade. It was so awesome. I couldn’t wait to put them to use. I hadn’t been this excited about a tool for my kitchen in ages.

When my next party was looming, I decided to prepare things a few days before just to get the ball rolling. I had about 20 recipes waiting for me to make. The great thing about party foods is that a lot of them include some of the same ingredients, like chopped onions or shredded cheese, so I was able to whip up big batches of both of those. It’s the same thing with desserts. I chopped a lot of nuts in the Cuisinart food processor and made homemade whipped cream as well. 

I was so elated at how much easier this made things for me. I would estimate that it cuts my preparation time in about half. I know it sounds too good to be true, but I promise you it’s not. I’m grateful to my husband’s coworker, who totally revamped my kitchen for me. He’s been invited to every single party of ours since his recommendation.

Derrick James
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