Having trouble with GST number search? This is how you do it

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The Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) describes a 15-digit unique identification number given to GST registered vendors and providers of goods and services in India.

Do I have to get a GST Number?

This question is on the mind of just about every business owner or vendor. If your business turnover in a fiscal year is Rs. 40 Lakhs or above, you will need to complete the GST registration process and obtain a GST number. This annual business turnover threshold is Rs. 20 Lakhs in states that come under the ‘special category.’

What is the Importance of a GST number?

GST number is essential for a variety of reasons. Here are a few:

  • If you have a GST number, chances are you will get recognized as a legitimate goods and services supplier. Be sure to pay taxes consistently, and on time, and your credibility is likely to go through the roof in the eyes of the market and government. Hire an expert team of accountants to help your business grow with professional GST filing services in Singapore.

  • Secondly, GST allows you to collect your Input Tax Credit (ITC). You may collect your ITC as long as you consistently make tax payments as per the GST rules.

  • Finally, having a GST number allows you to expand your market and engage in E-commerce and inter-state supplies. E-commerce and inter-state supplies are instrumental in enhancing your business. Be sure to register as soon as possible and expand your market.

How is a GST number Structured?

Here’s the format of a GST number:

  • The first couple of characters of the GST number denote your State Code
  • Your Personal Account Number (PAN) takes the next ten digits of the GST number.
  • The next two characters are reserved for the entity code
  • The final character of the GST Number is a checksum character

How to go about GST Number Verification?

You probably know by now that GST registration is mandatory for businesses and vendors. However, you should know that many companies produce fake GST numbers and fake GST invoices to avoid paying taxes. As a matter of precaution, always verify your GSTIN and the GSTIN of the company you are getting involved with. Here’s how to do this:

  • Then, enter the GSTIN in the search bar to find out if it is legitimate or not.

  • If it is legitimate, you will receive information about the company, such as the registered name of the company, date of registration, and so forth.

  • However, if an error is displayed, it means the GST number is fake.

How do I perform an Online GST number Verification?

There are a variety of tools that allow you to check your GST number for free. Here are a couple of tools worth your time:


Clear Tax for GST enables you to search the GST number and verify it fast. Enter your GST number and click on the search button. Once you verify the number, you should be able to see details like date of registration, legally registered name of the business, the constitution of the business, type of taxpayer, and other details.


TaxAdda is a useful tool that lets you check if a given GSTIN exists or not. If the GSTIN in question does exist, you can check its structure and credibility using the 15-digit format. Do note that this tool gets all these details from the GST portal online and utilizes the government’s Application Programming Interface (API). You may expect the following details from this tool:

  • The legal business name
  • Registration date
  • Type of business
  • Address
  • Type of Entity
  • Trade name
  • Type of dealer
  • Status of business


KnowYourGST is another useful tool that offers you the bulk GSTIN search and the GSTIN verification API. You are allowed to use up to 150 API calls during the trial period. After this, you will have to pay for KnowYourGST. The free version of KnowYourGST lets you verify up to five GST numbers at once.

This simple guide to the importance and working of GST number verification should help you get a decent idea of GST and its related aspects.

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