How Different Are Scoring Systems From Pool To Snooker To Billiards?

In a bar or pub, many individuals have tried their hand at the pool. They may be unaware that the distinction between the two games extends beyond the balls to the tables used. If you are curious about the differences between snooker tables and pool tables, here is some basic information to get you started.

For newbies to the sport, the scoring system in snooker might take some time to understand, although it is simple ad log in to Getmega app and feel the difference of playing online games. The goal is to pot balls, and points are granted for doing so. The amount of points granted is determined on the color of the ball that the player pots and the points are distributed as follows:

Step One: 

Red Balls: There are 15 red balls on the snooker table, each worth one point.

Step Two

Apart from the reds, there are six colored balls on the table, each of which has a different hue and is worth different points.

Step Three

Point Runs: Once a red ball is potted, it remains potted. If a color is potted before all of the reds have been used, the player receives the points, but the colored ball is returned to its original location.

Step 4

The Black Ball 

The black ball is the highest scoring ball in snooker, earning seven points.

Step 5


 When you commit a foul in snooker, your opponent receives four points.

Step Six

 Being snookered occurs when a player finds themselves in a situation where they cannot strike the desired object ball directly.

Step 7

The primary methods to score points in snooker have been described, but the best way to understand it is to watch a few matches and listen to the commentary.

How to Score In a Pool Game

Pool games are different from the individuals who play them, and pool players are an eclectic bunch. Most official billiards games last until a player has accumulated 150 points; however, this amount varies.

  • Decide on the total number of points to be played, the game style to be played, and the scoring system to be employed.
  • Assign two columns or scoring methods to each player, one for match and the other for an overall score. 
  • Play the pool game according to the regular regulations of the game you’ve selected. See Resources for a comprehensive list of the rules of several billiards games.
  • For each ball that a player legitimately pockets, deduct one point from her match total. When a player fails to pocket a ball lawfully or when all balls have been pocketed, his turn is finished.

Another method of assigning points is to match the point value of each ball to the number on that ball. For example, if you pocket the 8 Ball, you will gain eight points toward your match total.


The primary goal of the game is to accumulate more points than your opponent. To win the game, you must reach the agreed-upon sum with your opponent. This game, like chess, is full of strategy. The players were required to consider both are defending and attacking at the same time. Even though it is not a physical game, it takes a great deal of focus and energy.

How to Score?

The scoring rules are:


 This is where the cue ball is struck to strike the red cue ball and other cue balls on the same shot. You may get two points for this.


This occurred when the player’s cue ball collided with the red ball, causing the red ball to fall into the pocket. This is worth three points. 

When you strike your cue ball with another ball and enter the pocket, this is known as in-off. If the red was the first ball to hit, it might help you score three points. This will get you two points.

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