How To Tow A Closed Car Trailer?

Ask any truck owner who has ever hitched their truck to a closed car trailer, and he will tell you that you need to know how to tow a closed car trailer before venturing on the roads attached to one. The added length and width of the enclosed car trailer make driving more difficult. You can tow a closed car trailer safely if you turn it on the right and follow it carefully or call a towing service like towing service Ladprao ( รถยก ลาดพร้าว ,which is the term in Thai) for instance.


  1. Trailer the vehicle back to the trailer hitch, gooseneck, or kingpin. Ensure the alignment is straight and the tow bar on the tow vehicle is at the right height to fit the kingpin into a fifth wheel hitch or just below the tow hitch.
  2. Slide the fifth wheel mount block around the kingpin, locking it in place, or position the tow bar and ball under the tow hitch by backing the tow vehicle into position. Get out of the tow vehicle, make sure the kingpin is secured in the fifth wheel mounting pad, or lower the closed trailer hitch to the tow bar and ball by retracting the closed trailer support legs.
  3. Connect the wiring of the tow vehicle to the female receiver on the closed car trailer. This connection powers the tail lights of the closed trailer, making it legal for traveling on public roads. Check that the lights are working by entering the tow vehicle and have someone confirm that the trailer lights are working.
  4. Look at the rear-view mirrors on each of the tow vehicle doors. Adjust the mirrors, so you can see the end of the trailer. Adjust the mirrors so you can see the end of the trailer plus some of the area to the left and right of each end. This adjustment will give you a wide view of what is happening behind and directly to the side of the rear of the closed trailer when on the road.
  5. Retract closed trailer support legs completely. Check that the trailer closed lights, tire air pressure, and clearance turning (the distance from the front of the trailer to the rear of the tow vehicle) are within the tow vehicle and trailer limits before driving off.
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