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Anukannadi Okati Ayinadi Movie

Anukannadi Okati Ayinadi, means Planned for one, happened to another is a black comedy-drama directed by Baalu Adusumilli, produced by Hima Velgapudi and Vegi Srinivas. The movie stars, Siddhi Idnani, Dhanya Balakrishna, Komalee Prasad and Tridha Choudhury. The drama is produced under the production companies Poorvi Pictures and Black & White Pictures. Also, this particular movie is an adaptation of the 2017 American movie Rough Night. The movie revolves around four girls who visit Goa for a holiday to get themselves a male stripper. Things take a massive turn when trouble heads towards a pivotal set of events take place. The movie is one of the few Telugu movies that comes with a bit of crime-thriller vibe, but it will make you laugh.

Movie plot

Four close friends, namely Komalee, Tridha, Dhanya, and Siddhi, planned to visit Goa and attend a wedding. During the wedding, all four of them get high and plans to hire a male stripper. But an unexpected thing takes place when the girls unintentionally kill the stripper. Shocked, terrified, and confused, the girls work together to dispose of the body and get themselves out of the mess.

Things to know about the film

The four girls played their respective roles flawlessly and appeared glamorous. Dhanya Balakrishna was perfect with her loud role, which stood out as one of the movie’s main factors. Siddhi Idhani also played her part well and appeared cute with her innocent looks. Next is Tridha Choudhury; she did part well by supporting the other girls, but one who stood out the most was Komalee Prasad. 

A comedic role and the timing were completely spot on. Her performance created an interest in the movie. The movie had both comedy and fun things to display, and the events, which the four characters experienced were well-handled. Sameer also played an excellent role as a cop, and Big Boss fame Himaja was also able to evoke some laugh with her stammering act.

The technical aspects

The music provided in the movie, okay, but a few songs would have made it a lot easier. Even though the film was shot in Goa, but the location did not get used properly. The camera work in the movie and the background music were decent. The dialogues provided in the movie were for single screens but were pretty fun and interesting.

Last words

Anukannadi Okati Ayinadi is a film that falls under the thriller genre but comes with some fun and exciting moments. The movie is ideal for the single-screen audience and lacks emotional connection. Overall, the film is worth watching.

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