Six Benefits of custom-printed shopping bags for your retail business

Not only are they cute, but custom printed shopping bags can boost your business. Are you still paying attention? These are the proven benefits of customized shopping bags. We’re certain you’ll be convinced that it’s time for you to up your game.

  1. You can order a variety of sizes bags

A spatula wouldn’t fit in a shoebox. Why would you try to stuff your product in packaging or shopping bags that are only “sort of” suitable? Instead, get customized bags to fit your shop’s needs in a range of sizes. It makes sense to have different sizes if you sell different-sized items. A customer will find it annoying to have to carry a huge shopping bag around with them for their pen. You shouldn’t make your customers go through this.

  1. You can save money

Although it may seem counterintuitive, this is what you need to remember: When you buy smaller units or individual options, the price might be higher. However, placing larger custom orders will save you money. You can lower the landed price of a product (how much you spend on it by the time it arrives at your door). Stocking up and combining that with local delivery companies can also help to keep costs down. If you are considering custom bags, consider ordering a larger quantity.

  1. Control Your Environmental Impact

If your store is committed to natural products and you want to make a difference in the world, you shouldn’t be afraid to use customized shopping bags. People may think that customizing bags is a sign that they are not able to look into eco-friendly products. However, we offer eco-friendly bags that can be customized and may cost less than non-eco bags. Customers today are eco-conscious and savvy. They will notice you are trying to be eco-friendly. If that is your brand identity, it is important to keep that in mind.

  1. Give your image a boost

No matter what profit margin you have customer’s associate custom shopping bags with high-end boutiques or stores. You need to adapt your packaging if you are trying to grow your business, have recently re-launched or revamped the website, or just started selling new products. Design your bag for the customers you want and not for those you already have.

  1. Keep your name in the heads of customers

Do you remember that fridge magnet with the calendar? Imagine it. You know it’s from a company. It’s a company name you see every day. Perhaps you even know their phone number. Imagine if your packaging was just as effective. Custom Reusable Bags are best choice by everyone. They’re great for when your child brings in snacks, when you have to take some items to the neighbor’s house when you need to carry a few extras, or when you need a bag to gift wrap last-minute gifts. Your marketing efforts are extended if customers use your branded bags. This wouldn’t be possible with a plain, transparent plastic bag.

  1. Get ahead of the competition

Online shopping can often mean waiting for orders to arrive in 3-5 days, paying shipping costs, and “hoping for best” when it comes to what you think are ordering versus what arrives in the box. You have more advantages than you realize, especially with the rapidly expanding shop locally, support small-biz movement. In-store shoppers want gratification so make sure you offer upscale shopping bags. It’s not about delivering a damaged postal box that has been sitting out in the rain for eight hours. You are giving your customers crisp tissue paper, a bag, and most importantly, their item right away. This is how you turn one-time customers into long-term and loyal customers. A well-designed bag can make all of the difference.

Derrick James
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