The Confusion with Chinese Alphabets

It’s most likely that your first experience with a foreign language might be a language like German, French, or Spanish, which uses a Latin manuscript, similar to English. Consequently, when you see a phrase like “三个中国人,” the complicated appearance of the manuscript itself appears unintelligible! How will you know how to articulate it? How can you find out a language without any alphabet? How can you keep in mind all the characters? Well, let’s see why Chinese characters are more logical than they may show up.

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Several of the earliest personalities, as well as the first Chinese characters you may find out are pictograms. In straightforward terms, this suggests that to compose words, you are illustrating of the important things itself. Take these words:

  • 木 mù implies “tree.” Quite simple to imagine, right?
  • 林 lín indicates “wood,” represented by 2 trees
  • 森 sēn means “woodland,” represented by 3 trees

By remembering one pictogram you have three new words! Compare to French:

  • un arbre
  • un bois
  • une forêt

You would have to learn these words separately, and discover how to mean them. If spelling isn’t your specialty, Chinese is the language for you!

Numerous personalities are additionally ideograms: they represent not something physical like a tree, yet a concept. As an example, the characters 一 yī, 二 èr, as well as 三 sān are abstract representations of the numbers one, two, as well as three.

Abstract suggestions are commonly stood for with radicals. A radical is a little component of the character which informs you something concerning the meaning of words. For example, the 口 radical, significance mouth, typically includes in characters which relate to eating.

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