The Development Of Thought In Children

Piaget Stages of Development: What Are They and How Are They Used?

The mind has a process of formation consisting, to a large extent, in the observation of the things we see in the world and the analysis of personal experience. The thought makes it possible to receive all this information, which cannot always be perceived by all the senses. But to what extent do these experiences influence our development? 

Main Stages Of The Development Of Thought In A Child Up To 5 Years Old

  • At about 6-9 months, due to the manipulation of objects in the environment, the baby begins to understand that a certain action can lead to a certain result. This is the first stage in the development of logical thinking. 
  • From 9 months, the child begins to categorize objects, marking the beginning of abstract thought. Of course, this is a simple categorization, in which objects are assigned properties or qualities, such as calling all animals with tails a dog. Around the year, the child will be able to say, generally and consciously, an average of five to ten words.
  • At 12 months, the logical development continues the child begins to understand the cause-effect relationship, not only between some simple actions but also among some more complex cases, such as the fact that after eating can play with their Educational game set (ชุดเกมการศึกษา which is the term in Thai)
  • At 18 months, the child begins to select consciously and memorizes the characteristics of the objects (size, color, and shape). Along with memory and abstract thinking, imagination develops. You are likely to become interested in simple RPGs, for example, picking up a little basket and going shopping in a store. 
  • At 2 years, the child begins to form a comprehensive and coherent image of the world, and soon the stage of a thousand type questions will begin. We must encourage your curiosity, explaining and answering it with a clear answer that you can assimilate in a simple way. Reading books, going to museums or the zoo, going for Early Childhood Education Program (หลักสูตรการศึกษาปฐมวัย which is the term in Thai)or using special board games for children, are excellent methods for developing her intelligence at this stage.   
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