The history and evolution of polo shirts: From inception to now

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The history of a polo shirt is kind of a unique one itself. The polo association of the US in the last century wanted comfortable upper body wear for its players. It needed something comfortable with a good aerial ventilation system so as to minimize the effects of sweat that may generate due to play. The fabric must be light, and the color must also be of contrast. The designers came up with a half-sleeved shirt which players then used to wear in games, which soon became summer wear for most men in America. And this gave rise to the famous Polo shirt (เสื้อโปโล , which is the term in Thai). Then again polo shirt became comfortable to wear for everyone, not only men but women, children, old, young, everyone. And in no time, it became the epitome of comfort wear in the fashion industry.

The comfort wear of the winter season: Jackets

Much like polo shirt that became the comfort wear of the summer, Jacket (เสื้อโปโล ราคาถูก, which is the term in Thai)became the comfort wear for the winters. Jackets became the winter counterpart of polo shirts across the globe. And it can in a lot of variety as well not only in terms of material where you can find different types of fabric materials but also different brands brought about different designs as well. However, a hurdle still remained in all these products—the hurdle of not being unique enough. The problem with fashion is that it is mass-produced. So, the polo shirt you own must also be owned by someone else as well. Well, not the same one, of course, but an exact replica, of course, which is exactly the same as yours in every aspect. 

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