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Do you know how to choose the most suitable safety shoes for your job? This choice is not as simple as it seems. Several factors must be taken into account.

The feet are the part of the body that suffers most from day to day, as they are the support base of the entire body. For this reason, protecting them is essential to ensure safety during the execution of any service.

So, to help you in this mission, here are tips for choosing the proper safety footwear.

  1. Analyze the risks of the work environment

Professional activities, to a greater or lesser degree, bring risks to workers. According to NR 9, they are divided into environmental risks (physical, chemical, and biological risks) and occupational risks (ergonomic and mechanical risks).

Therefore, according to this NR, footwear is classified according to the possible risks within each activity:

  • Footwear for protection against the impact of falling objects on the toes;
  • Footwear for protection of the feet against agents from electrical energy;
  • Footwear for protection of the feet against thermal agents;
  • Footwear for protection of the feet against abrasive and scouring agents;
  • Footwear for protection of the feet against sharp and piercing agents;
  • Footwear for protection of feet and legs against moisture from operations using water;
  • Footwear to protect feet and legs from splashing chemicals.
  1. Check the Certificate of Approval (CA)

The Certificate of Approval (CA) is a document issued by the Special Secretariat for Social Security and Labor (extinguished Ministry of Labor and Employment) and regulated by NR 6.

According to NR 6, the sale of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must, mandatorily, have a CA. This standard applies to all PPE, regardless of whether they are manufactured in Brazil or abroad.

For the PPE manufacturer to obtain this certificate, the equipment must be analyzed and tested by authorized laboratories. Thus, we can say that the CA guarantees the quality, functionality, and strength of safety equipment.

Therefore, when choosing lightweight safety shoes (รองเท้า เซฟตี้ เบา สบาย which is the term in Thai), you will observe in the CA the complete description of the PPE and the risks for which it was approved.

  1. Understand the validity of footwear and CA

It is important to note that there is a difference between the validity of the shoe and the validity of the AC. Many people are confused, so we will clarify what each one is.

The validity of the footwear, or any PPE, is the maximum term for its use. As with any product, PPE has validity and needs to be discarded if that date expires.

On the other hand, the validity of the CA is the deadline of the certificate issued by the Special Secretariat for Social Security and Labor (SEPRT). It is necessary to renew the CA periodically so that the quality of the equipment is guaranteed. The renewal of the CA must be done up to 90 days before the expiration date with SEPRT.

In short, the validity of the CA guarantees the quality and approval of SEPRT. At the same time, the validity of the footwear shows the term that it can be used after its manufacture. Therefore, even if the AC is still valid, if the validity of the shoe expires, it must be discarded.

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