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Tips to save money for hostelers during the pandemic

The pandemic in India has become very unreliable. As soon as it shows some signs of slowing down, we see a sudden boom in the number of cases. This lockdown has created an economic drag. A lot of people are suffering from a shortage of money. Many people lost their jobs or are on pay cuts. Amongst this struggle to make ends meet, hostelers have a chance to save money.

Saving money has anyway become a priority for everyone in these unprecedented times. When working or studying from home and staying at an Elite pg in Noida, you still have a chance to save some money. Let us take a look at some money-saving tips for those who stay at a PG.


During a crisis, it is crucial to think economically and to take all decisions wisely. The first step starts with having a budget plan. You can write down all your monthly expenses and cut down the things that are not necessary. With the decreasing income, you will need to cut on a few things you can live without. You can make use of a simple spreadsheet or budget planning apps for this purpose.

Emergency Fund

To avoid any sudden stress you must create an emergency fund. An emergency fund is a kind of relief backup fund at will support you during tough times. You can put some percentage of your monthly income in the emergency fund for use in future. When staying at a Reliable pg in Laxmi Nagar, try to save some money from your salary for safety purposes.

Learn Investing

The stock market currently is going gaga all over the place. There has been a rise in young people knowing the door of the financial markets and learning to trade. You must first find out the right trading options, the process, and then make an informed decision. There is tons of information online. Get the right education and advice from people before putting your hard-earned money at risk.

Online food

We all know how frequently we order food when staying at a PG. Hostellers usual tend to knock on the doors of online food services. However, it is one of the largest expenses of staying at a PG that can be avoided. Also, it is still not safe to consume outside food.

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