Translation Services: What Are They And What Are They Useful For?

The translation services facilitate processes and procedures of overseas employment contracts, study, etc. But this type of service has more advantages that could be useful to you. Learn about the types of translations and how they could help you.

They are divided into three types:

  • Documents translation
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation

Documents Translation

The translation services of documents facilitate processes such as immigration procedures, translations educational or legal purposes. These services can be used both for personal procedures as if it were a company or organization that requires it.

Migratory Processes

Applications for permanent residence, migration, work permit, studies, or any personal procedure abroad, can be very complex to use automatic translators. On the other hand, a professional document Korean translation (รับ แปล ภาษา เกาหลี, which is the term in Thai) service ensures that an expert translates the documents, being sure that the translated text will have the quality required by the process.

Translations Into Another Language

Also, translation services can be used to process permits or legalize documents in another country, where it is requested to present an original document extended in your country, with a translated copy. The most common documents are:

  • Birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates
  • Criminal record
  • Recommendation letters
  • University degrees
  • High school certificates and grades
  • Medical certificates
  • Bank statements

Companies Or Organizations

Businesses and organizations can also make use of document translation services. For example, if a company wants to extend a contract to a foreign client, it must present the contract in the language of its client.

Similarly, document translation is useful with the internal processes of a company. For example, translating written material, such as manuals, guides, web pages, books, or tutorials from a foreign language to the language that your collaborators master.

In this case, short documents such as contracts, letters, and requests can also be translated. Or extensive projects such as research, presentations, financial reports, annual reports, and books.

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