Types Of Fabrics To Make T-Shirts

Many of us, if not the majority, have T-shirts, these give us style and are also very popular, since they are one of the most comfortable garments that we can use, and their functionality is not only aesthetic, they keep us protected from inclement weather, giving us warmth and freshness according to its fabric.

Today from we will focus on a subject that perhaps some overlook and have not paid much attention to, but that is of utmost importance: the types of fabrics for custom made shirts, although these materials can also be used for other types of garments.

The 3 Main Categories

The popularity of fabric garments was revolutionized with the expansion of knowledge related to the methods of dyeing them. In this way, a variety of fabrics of varied colours were created. Currently, techniques such as screen printing are used, which gives garments a personal and more attractive touch, you can learn about the screen printing process to expand your knowledge.

Over the years and technology, the fabric production process became more complex, since, in addition to using natural elements, synthetic materials were used, the mixture of these was the ideal to create types of fabrics to manufacture t-shirts.

First, we must be clear that there are divisions of the fabric; they are divided according to their origin. We have vegetable fabrics, which are of natural origin, are made using vegetable fibre threads such as linen, cotton, hemp or jute.

There is the category of fabrics of animal origin; these are those made using threads from wool (sheep, alpaca or Yak), it also includes silk (produced by larvae of mulberry worms) and fur from goats, camels, etc.

And we also have artificial fabrics, made from synthetic fibres, examples of which are nylon, polyester, Kevlar, leacril, merklon and lycra, which are used both for the manufacture of T-shirts and waxes, blankets, car coatings, furniture, etc.

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