Understand How Cannabidiol (CBD) is Different from Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 

Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol, popularly known as CBD and THC respectively, are the natural compounds found in the same plant called cannabis sativa. Out of the hundreds of components in cannabis sativa plants, CBD and THC are the most popular ones. Both, CBD and THC contains 30 hydrogen atoms, 21 carbon atoms, and 02 oxygen atoms. However, the arrangement of these chemicals is different, which makes them both different from each other.

In the previous year, the difference between THC and CBD was the most trending topic. Though CBD and THC come from the same plants, they possess different qualities. The reaction of our body towards these is very different. The consumption of CBD does not make you feel high whereas consuming THC will make you feel dizzy and high.

The Farm Bill, 2019, legalized hemp-derived CBD due to its non-psychoactive and medicinal features. The legal limit of THC in any CBD product is only 0.3%. After this legalization, there was a sudden hike in the demand for CBD-infused products. The medical and beauty companies are developing new CBD products to ensure that CBD lovers enjoy its benefits.

There has been a huge development in CBD products in the past few years. You will find different varieties of CBD-based products. However, always purchase CBD products from top and reputed brands only to ensure the purchase of a genuine and quality product. Check out the JustCBD store to find the best and top-quality CBD products. Certified from a third party, their products reach the customers only after several tests at independent labs. CBD gummies, CBD capsules, CBD vape pen, CBD bath bombs and soaps, CBD topicals, and many more are the different varieties they offer.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a system in our body, which is responsible for managing our mood, hunger, sleep, etc. CBD and THC, both encounter the ECS when it enters our body. However, there is some difference between CBD and THC. Let us understand them.

Difference between CBD and THC:

  • Due to the non-psychoactive property of CBD, it does not make you feel high like THC.
  • CBD is non-addictive whereas THC can cause addiction.
  • CBD does not include any toxic elements. Therefore, it does not cause any serious problem if taken in a large amount. However, THC contains toxic elements.
  • CBD is available in both hemp and marijuana. THC is available at a high range in marijuana.
  • When compared to THC, CBD is more effective in maintaining a higher level of ECS in the bloodstream.
  • CBD is useful to diminish the high caused by THC.
  • CBD products work better for curing inflammation, body pain, sore muscles, stress, and anxiety.
  • Consumption of CBD (both high and low dose) does not cause any serious side effects or toxicity. However, a high dose of THC can show some side effects like dry mouth, red eyes, increased heart rate, etc.

CBD and THC both are very beneficial for treating anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, inflammation, stress, and many other issues. However, the effect they leave on our body is different.

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