What Are The Duties Of The Flight Attendant?

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Many think that flight attendants are on the flight to serve their coffee and snacks (this is for companies that still offer this amenity, right?). However, the function goes far beyond that. The flight attendant, first of all, is a security officer responsible for ensuring safety, well-being, comfort, and order among passengers.

Being a flight attendant is always being prepared for the unexpected. Fortunately, many professionals retire without ever having an emergency. However, in the event of depressurization or an emergency landing, everyone can take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of passengers.

How Do The Selection Processes Work?

There are still candidates who has gotten the flight attendant qualifications (คุณสมบัติ แอร์โฮสเตส which is the term in Thai) who send resumes through the Post Office in the digital age, but companies prefer candidates to register on their respective websites. Some claim that the site is the only channel through which they will receive applications and that physical resumes will be discarded.

On some sites, it is possible to register only if the desired vacancy is open for application; others allow you to register for the reserve bank. In any case, it is essential to keep your data up to date, including all your professional experiences, especially those related to customer service.

Due to many candidates, it is common for companies to apply online tests of logical reasoning and foreign language before the face-to-face stage. Some companies even request the recording of a video by answering randomly selected questions.

If you pass the online tests, the next step will be in person. The invitations for this stage are not sent much in advance, so it is essential to have a financial reservation (or in miles) that allows you to buy a last-minute air ticket.

The face-to-face stage when you want to apply for flight attendant (สมัคร แอร์โฮสเตส which is he term in Thai) usually includes language, geography, logical reasoning, and theoretical subjects from the commissioner’s course. There is also an oral language test, group dynamics, and simulations of situations on board. Participants are informed at each stage whether they have been approved or not for the other stages.

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