What Are The Various Types Of Salads 

Salads hold a very crucial place in the diet and normal routine. Most people prefer to eat salads and skip dinner to lose weight. But there are a few other people who enjoy eating salads. Salads that have high nutrition values like wakame salad (ยํา สาหร่าย วา กา เมะ, which is the term in Thai) are highly recommended by nutritionists. Let’s see a few other salads that are useful for human bodies. 

  • Green Salad 

Green salads are the most nutritious salads. They contain vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Vitamin c helps in bone maintenance and Vitamin A contributes to a strong immune system. Green salads don’t contain cholesterol and are very much useful in losing weight. These salads also don’t contain sodium which is suggested by most diet specialists. Wakame salad also come under green salad and are very good for health. 

  • Fruit Salads

Fruit salads are the most popular and useful method of diet. Fruits not only give a good taste but also have various health benefits. Fruit salads help in lowering blood pressure. And these salads also help in efficient weight management. Fruits have much fiber and when taken as salads your body receives more fiber. Fiber helps in maintaining sugar levels and also helps in gaining a healthy weight. Dressing fruit salad with fresh fruit juice is a pro tip to make your food healthier. 

  • Pasta Salad 

Pasta salad doesn’t contribute to weight loss. You can eat pasta once a week. If you are planning to replace your rice with pasta salad then it’s not suggestible. Because rice gives 117 calories per 100g whereas pasta has 160 calories per 100g. So it’s better to eat the rice rather than pasta salad. The nutritious values of pasta salad are that it is high in protein that helps in boosting satiety. 

  • Chicken Salad

Most people mistake chicken salad as a bad supplement for their diet. But it’s not true. When taken with proper ingredients, chicken salad can be the best option for the diet. One of the most important ingredients that one needs to avoid while preparing chicken salad is mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is not all good for health. Adding vegetables to your salad is the best practice to lose weight or have a healthy diet. 

So these are various types of salads. You can choose the best salads to include in your diet according to your body weight and requirements.  

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