When Is A License Plate Required For The Bike Rack?

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The license plate for a bicycle carrier is a so-called follow-up license plate. The bike rack has the same registration number as the vehicle with which the bike is being transported. The sign is just a duplicate and therefore does not have its lettering but merely ensures that the license plate is visible.

However, this also means that if you want the bike rack not only for a car to use, more characteristics are needed for a bike rack that you can change according to vehicle. A license plate requirement for bicycle racks always exists if the load or the load carrier, in this case, the bike and carrier, entirely or partially obscure the view of the rear license plate.

This means that those bike racks do not have to have a license plate that does not obstruct the view of the car’s number plate. So, there is no general obligation to purchase a license plate for the bike rack.

Where Can You Get An Additional License Plate For The Bike Rack, And How Expensive?

If you need a suitable vehicle license plate for your bike carrier, you do not have to go to the registration office and possibly have to wait long. In contrast to the standard car license plates, which have to be approved and approved with an official inspection sticker, license plates for bicycle racks are not required.

You can simply a private company for the bike rack with the imprint of a mark commission. The label must have the same lettering as the license plate at the end. Although no inspection by the registration office is required for bicycle racks, the sign must still comply with the legal requirements. Click to know about cheap auction plate numbers (ทะเบียน ประมูล ราคา ถูก which is the term in Thai)

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