3 best plants for office Decoration and Indoor Air Purification

Boosting the productivity of the employees is not always possible through offering financial incentives. Sometimes, creating a beautiful environment at the office makes the people like office work and do their best. Planting a variety of indoor plants can actually make the place look nice and purify the indoor air. It is time to learn about the various plants that can enhance the work environment at office.

  1. Snake plants: 

Sansevieria or the snake plant is the best possible choice for decking up the office. Decorating the office space with some live plants can make everyone inside feel better.

  • This plant does not need much attention or care.
  • Super stylish external appearance, which makes it the focal point of the indoor space.

The plant can adapt to living in very dry conditions.

  1. Peace lily

The next option is Peace lily, which is also a common household plant. The white and beautiful plant will add considerable elegance to the office.

  • It is easy to take care of the plant.
  • People often mistake the white leaves for flowers. But these leaves are the very reason why the white sections signify the symbol of peace at the workplace too.

The plant is a good choice as it will also purify the indoor air.

  1. Monstera deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa refers to plants with big leaves and delicious fruits. Originating from the tropical rainforests of Central America, it is now one of the best plants for office [ต้นไม้ ฟอก อากาศ ใน ออฟฟิศ, which is the term in Thai]. The leaves are shiny and can be even bigger than 40 centimeters in width.

  • The plant loves the sun, but it is better to avoid direct sunlight.
  • It is a moisture-loving air-purifying plant.
  • Avoid making the topsoil too wet.

The three plants above will be ideal to add to your office when you like to decorate the space. Sing See Soon also has a wide variety of other indoor plants for you to choose from. 

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