Different variety of carp fish species found in Thailand

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Thailand’s aquatic fishing is some of the finest in South Asia, and there is a wide number of carp species to aim for the enthusiastic fisherman. For carp fishing thailand, there are various beneficial fishing locations, including fishing theme parks, as well as reservoirs, rivers, lakes, and other captive-bred opportunities.

Carp is a popular name for many aquatic species that are looked after by some recreational anglers. Spring is the best possible time of year to trap large carp. Carp, like many other marine species, migrates to colder water in the spring time. Here are few kinds of carp fish species discussed below:

Various types of carp fishes

Common Carp – In Thailand, common carp can be found in various rivers and resorts. They are found mainly in many lakes and seas. Surprisingly, fishers fishing in Thailand will discover that Common carp do not grow to the same size as their European cousins. This fish is small in size in comparison to wild species. Worms are often an excellent lure to use for this species.

Giant Siamese carp – The world’s biggest Carp species is known as the Giant Siamese carp. As a consequence, this species has earned the nickname “father of all carps.” The giant Siamese carp can weigh more than 250 kg. They are initially noted for their ferocious fighting prowess. Second and even less well known is their highly cautious character. The Giant Siamese carp is an excellent target for fishers in Thailand.

Julliens Golden Price Carp – This species is amongst the most stunning carp species on the planet. In short, this species is infrequent and is not found in other tourist destinations outside Thailand. This species is said to be extinct in the wild due to fish populations and habitat destruction. 


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