The amazing day trips to enjoy in Bangkok

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Bangkok is without a doubt one of Southeast Asia’s most tourist hotspots. If you want to soak up the culture, experience the best fishing near Bangkok or just stuff your mouth with delicious Thai food, the town is here to serve you the best.

The finest day trips from Bangkok are listed below:

  • DamnoenSaduak Floating Market 

Tourists love visiting Southeast Asia’s multiple markets, so it’s no surprise that the DamnoenSaduak Floating Market is among Bangkok’s most famous day visits. To reach the market, take a longtail boat ride along canals to get the perfect feel of the town culture.

  • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary 

There are many opportunities to get along well with elephants in Thailand. The Elephant Sanctuary in Pattaya is a day trip with eight-hour adventure during which you can assist in feeding the elephants, as well as washing them in muddy pool and bathing them in the river.

  • Ayutthaya Tour by Boat and Bus

The city is now an ancient town where the past can be felt by seeing at the Buddhist statues, soaring spire, and deserted temple. During the trip, you will have to take bus ride early morning to Ayutthaya, and get an informative tour of the old monuments. Then you will get a relaxing ride in the boat to Bangkok.

  • Jungle Bike Ride

What’s more adventurous than taking a bike ride straight to the jungle? You can explore all the nearby areas through bike riding towards the jungle, from beautiful islands nearby, markets, shopping and some favorite Thai cuisines.

  • Koh Kret handicraft Tour

Koh Kret, another island created by the Chao Phraya River, is located in the northern part of Bangkok and is well-known for its ceramic pottery expertise. On this outing, you will see the Saturday market and the traditional pottery-making city, as well as monuments and food stalls.

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