How To Store Your Wines The Right Way

All these tips will help you store your wine so that it doesn’t spoil and let you down in the middle of the week, you are also try out door to door storage. But the main tip is: when you open a bottle of wine, take the opportunity to gather the crowd and guarantee a #SemDesperdícios tasting.

Once Opened, Keep The Wine With As Little Contact With Oxygen As Possible.

The reality is that after the bottle is opened, the days of wine are numbered. It is necessary to keep as little contact with oxygen as possible to prevent it from spoiling more quickly. But how to do this? Cap the bottle tightly. Never store it without the stopper in the refrigerator. Anyway, with rare exceptions, a wine opened after three days will not offer much of the properties that once characterized it. And, as heat accelerates chemical reactions that change the drink’s properties, it is advisable to store it in the refrigerator and, half an hour before opening the bottle again, remove it.

Deepen The Original Cork Well

Even with the new products available, the wine will hardly be perfect after three days. And for those who do not have this type of accessory, the ideal is to sink the original stopper well and store the bottle in the refrigerator for, at most, one day.

Sparkling Wines Have A Shelf Life Of Just A Few Hours

Opened the sparkling wine, had a sip, and want to save it for later? None of that. In the case of sparkling wines, unfortunately, the shelf life is only a few hours. After that, all that delicious effervescence that surrounds the mouth will be lost

Vibration / Trepidation

Places with vibrations and vibrations are not ideal for storing wine. When wines undergo constant agitation, chemical reactions occur in the liquid, accelerating its aging. Also, avoid changing the bottles all the time and handling them all the time. Let the wine rest quietly.


It is essential to store wines in an airy place. Closed and stuffy places are conducive to the appearance of fungi that can affect the stopper and spoil the wine. Look for an environment with good ventilation so that air can circulate freely between the bottles or you can also use an FDA storage services (สถานที่ เก็บของ อย which is the term in Thai) as well.

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