Pledging Valuables – 4 Helpful Tips

If you need money quickly, e.g., for unplanned repairs, purchases, or payments that cannot be postponed, you usually first think of a loan from the bank. However, this is often tied to unattractive conditions, and approval usually takes several days or even weeks. We’ll give you three tips for the correct pledge of valuables or how to pledge a car on finance (รับจำนำรถยนต์ติดไฟแนนซ์ which is the term in Thai).

Tip 1: Find A Reputable Pawnshop

If you want to pledge your valuables safely and neatly like pledge pickup truck (รับจำนำรถกระบะ which is the term in Thai), you should make sure to choose a reliable pawnshop. The interest must be regulated by law, and the fees should also be sufficiently understandable for you. This enables you to see that there are no hidden costs within the pledge and that you can hand over your valuables without worry. We are a member of the Central Association of the German Pawn Loan Industry. Online rental houses are often not subject to legal regulations and should therefore be checked to ensure that they are serious.

Tip 2: Suitable Items And Their Value

Some pawn shops specialize in certain items. In general, however, anything that has material value can be pledged. These include:

  • Precious metals
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Art and antiques
  • Handbags
  • high-quality technical articles such as B. laptops, smartphones, drones,
  • Cars and motorcycles
  • Bicycles and e-bikes
  • Tools and machines

The current market value always applies to pledging. Technical articles, in particular, lose value quickly and bring in less than you might think. The item must also be checked to ensure that it is not a forgery. Handbags and watches, in particular, are often counterfeited and brought onto the market as cheap imitations that look deceptively similar to the original. Unfortunately, jewelry is also often worth less than you think. What looks like real gold or silver may just be gold or silver plated.

Tip 3: Find Out About Deadlines

Before you pledge an item, it is essential that you find out about the repayment deadlines or discuss them with the pawnshop. This is usually a maximum of four months. An analysis of your situation can help assess when you will be able to repay the mortgage loan. This is especially important because if the repayment deadline is not met, the pawnshop may auction the item or sell it if the auction is unsuccessful. Often, however, pawnshops will grant an extension on request, so you don’t have to worry. If you follow these tips, nothing should stand in the way of a successful pledge. You will receive the desired credit and, ideally, you will soon have the object you have given back in your hands

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