Factors for successful Carp fishing Thailand

One of the greatest attraction for all the passionate anglers to plan a fishing trip in Thailand is the abundance of Carp in the rivers, lakes and other water bodies. Carp is a hardy fish that can reach around thirty inches and weigh ten to fifteen lbs. The fishing resorts of Thailand maintain the lakes efficiently to provide a very thriving condition for the Carp fish. However, there are two important factors on which fruitful carp hunting depend. One is the weather condition and another is the right method. The right combination of both factors is a sure shot success mantra for Carp fishing Thailand.


Some people opine that successful Carp fishing is only possible at specific times of a year. But, with lucky stars on your side, catching carps can happen throughout the year. In the winter season, Carp does not move too far away from a food source, so it is easy to attract them by placing baits. The only thing is to find a prime spot by being patient. Spring is the fitting time of the year to catch giant Carps by spotting bubbles and movement in the water. In the summertime, you need to use the trick of floating pellets for attracting Carps out of their shelter. It is time for surface fishing targeting thick weeds. Carps are very active in the autumn season, so it is only the question of heavy baiting and using the right boilies. 


For successful Carp fishing you must find the perfect location like a shoreline, backwaters and muddy water with dense vegetation. The baiting of Carp is comparatively easy due its diverse preference of food like insects, larvae, plankton, and soft stems of plants. Depending upon short or long-distance casting, you can use either a short rod ranging between four to six feet or a longer one in between eight to ten feet. A bait feeder spinning wheel operating on two drag system is the most popular wheel for carp fishing. It will help if you do not use any shiny hooks as Carps have excellent eyesight. 


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