Tips for Buying a Tow Vehicle

Once, you understand the trailer you will be transporting then you intend to learn the weight of the trailer will be when it is totally filled. A horse trailer will have a considerable difference when it is empty against when it is fully filled with tack, steeds, and saddles. A camper will evaluate different vacant against when it is packed with water, bikes, household products, four-wheelers, as well as anything else you intend to take with you vacationing.

After you know what the weight of the trailer totally filled is then you can start buying the perfect Slide car [รถสไลด์, which is the term in Thai].


The towing capacity is what the maker sets as the maximum weight an automobile can tow. Inspect the towing capability of the vehicle you are considering and ensure that it is able to take care of the weight.

  • Curb Weight

The curb weight of a tow vehicle is the weight when the fuel tank is complete, but still not carrying any type of cargo or travelers. Fuel performance is important nowadays, so vehicles are being built lighter as well as yet are still powerful adequate to tow heavier trailers. It is just natural though to really feel more in control when lugging a trailer with a larger vehicle.

  • Wheelbase

The wheelbase is the distance from the front of the axle to the rear axle of the tow automobile, as well as crucial to control and stability. Having a longer wheelbase on your tow vehicle will provide you less of a chance of the trailer bearing down the back axle and lifting the front axle.

  • Drive System

Having a Slide car Pathumwan [รถสไลด์ปทุมวัน, which is the term in Thai] that has rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive is necessary to have when selecting a tow vehicle. You intend to have a car that has the option for a rear-wheel-drive to make sure that when you are towing the engine’s power is directed to the axle that is taking the most weight. With a front-wheel-drive automobile, you have more of a chance to lose control of the back of the car.

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