What Is IELTS, And What Are the Differences Between Its Types?

IELTS Academic vs General Training: What's the Difference?

The two types of IELTS recognized worldwide are Academic and General Training. Which you can also apply for CU-TEP exam (สมัครสอบ CU-TEP which is the term in Thai).

The IELTS UKVI and the IELTS Life Skills are special certificates to apply for some visa in the United Kingdom. By taking them, you will show that you took the exam at a venue approved by the UK Home Office.

The IELTS Academic and General Training scores with the IELTS UKVI and Life Skills are the same, and the difference is in the transcripts issued for the latter two. The maximum level that you can obtain with the IELTS Life Skills is B1. In addition, you can certify the levels separately; that is, there is a test for level A1 and another for B1.

Why Choose IELTS?

It is one of the most recognized exams in the world. With it, you can accredit your level of English in hundreds of countries, including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. It will open the doors to you in the academic and work world since more than 10,000 organizations recognize it.

Even if you don’t get the exam certification, reaching a level equivalent to a six overall score can be interesting for your life in an English-speaking country. Some universities require an average score of 6 on the IELTS for a master’s degree and 5.5 for undergraduate studies.

What Is The Best IELTS Preparation Course?

In today’s market, you can find a variety of courses and formats to present where to studying IELTS (ที่ เรียน ielts which is the term in Thai). However, ideally, you should be able to learn and practice English in a native context. When you decide to study English abroad, you not only improve the four skills, you also have the opportunity to know in detail the culture of that destination you chose.

As you can see, certifying your English skills can open up a world of study and work possibilities for you. We invite you to review the experiences we have for you to decide to embark on this adventure. We assure you that you will not regret

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